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Steroids Side Effects

Anabolic and steroids and side effects

Many bodybuilders and athletes seem to be basking in the benefits of their anabolic steroids use. Having a head-turning physique can really boost the ego, and thus some would resort to anabolic steroids use all year round, unmindful of the possible side effects of these compounds.

Anabolic steroids, just like any other medication, can cause severe side effects. Even the harmless-looking aspirin in your medicine cabinet – touted to be the safest and most-widely used pain reliever of all time – can be dangerous and, in some cases, can even cause deadly side effects. The danger of experiencing side effects with any drug increases when it is used incorrectly. This applies also to anabolic steroids.

One of the common incorrect usages of medications is taking larger-than-recommended dosages. With anabolic steroids, this incorrect practice can cause many side effects, including on your blood lipid profile, liver damage, and inhibition of production of endogenous testosterone.

Long term use of Anabolic steroids can decrease HDL (commonly referred to as good cholesterol) while increasing LDL (otherwise known as bad cholesterol). This side effect of steroids can lead to further health concerns like cardiovascular disorders. Alpha-alkylated anabolic steroids can cause liver damage if they are taken in extreme dosages.

Anabolic steroids side effect on the hormonal production may be avoided or minimized with the use of other compounds like HCG and SERMs during or after a steroid cycle.

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