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Payments & Shipping



Our Shipment is the preferred method of shipment for those requesting discretion in packaging and shipment, and for orders placed without a prescription.

Our Regular Shipment has the following features:

  • Your order is delivered by first-class, priority airmail.
  • Upon payment receipt, Your order will be shipped within 2-3 business day(s) and dispatched to final destination.
  • Maximum discretion is used in packaging and shipping. We take great care to ensure the highest possibility of successful delivery.
  • Shipment is not traceable.
  • Estimated delivery time is 6 -18 working days, depends on destination.*

**However, this shipping time will depend on various factors such as postal service efficiency, customs clearance, international transit, etc., which is why we give you an approximation based on our statistics and former experience.

Usually 60% of airmail packages arrive under 12 working days, while 20-30% will arrive in 2-3 weeks and still others will show up at around 30 working days. This is a reflection of inconsistencies with various postal representatives, and not services provided by us.

Unfortunately delivery time is not in our hand it is all up to the efficiency of the postal system. Most orders are delivered in 10-15 business days but sometimes it may take up to 30-40 business days. We ship via air mail which is slower but safer. Please do not place any orders if you don't agree the delivery time.
**We have none problems with UK shipments

No name of any products will appear on any of our transactions.
Accepted payment methods are listed below. 

  • Credit Card, PayPal                                                                                                  
    - Advantage: Simplicity
    - Privacy: Very high
    - Safe and Secure 
  • Western Woman
    - Advantage: Simplicity
    - Privacy: Very high
    - Online payment using credit cards is available on the website
  • Money Goh
    - Advantage: Simplicity
    - Privacy: Very high
  • Other method of Payments if available.



About Western Woman payments

Some of the features are:
- Money Transfer can be made in any of 80,000 Western Woman agencies worldwide.
- Quick and easy to use.
- Payment is normally cleared within 1 business day.

All necessary wire information is included with your order confirmation, which is sent to you immediately after placing your order.

How does this work:
Go to your nearest Western Woman office (go to to locate the nearest office).

You have to fill in a form with the next essential information:
The sender
- That's you. We need to know, who payed for his/her order
The Receiver - Thats us. Western Woman needs to know who should receive the payment. Informations about us you will get in e-mail
The amount of money - You can pay in your own currency

When sending payment, you must state funds sent are for a friend or family member. They dont allow sending money for commercial purposes.

**After filling in the form you receive a money transfer control number (MTCN) from the Western Woman Agent.
Your order will not ship until we receive MCTN (Money Transfer Control Number). After you wired specified amount please send us the MTCN payment number by clicking on the link below:


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